Thank you for visiting my site and learning why I am wanting to serve our community on the RRISD School Board! As a mother of 4 amazing children, I have a vested interest in the long-term success of our schools and know that a strong public school system that serves all students is the foundation of a great community. Over the years I have volunteered in a variety of ways that have allowed me to be part of the daily activities taking place on our campuses. Whether it is serving on a local PTA, visiting a campus as part of the Partners in Education Foundation, or volunteering for a booster club, it is a thrill to see the joy on kids’ faces and the excitement they have when presented with new and fun learning environments.
While schools strive to help students achieve academically, we cannot lose sight that we are also responsible for helping our students learn how to appropriately handle life’s challenges. Round Rock ISD should be applauded for their creation of Mental Health Centers and their financial commitment to hiring more counselors and behavioral health experts to identify and provide treatment to students that are struggling. This is especially important given the current crisis. Additionally, we need to continue to offer an array of enrichment activities to our students so they can refine the soft skills that are critical in today’s world. Not every child has the same talents and the Board needs to provide the support for the students and expectations of the District that they will meet the needs of the whole child.
One of the main responsibilities of the Board of Trustees is to ensure that the district is spending your taxpayer money in a smart and efficient way. We do have a great track record of spending, and we need to be vigilant in ensuring that we continue to stay on budget and keep all construction and capital projects on target. District staff should be applauded for being recognized for their strong financial management reflected by being the only school district in Texas that is AAA Bond rated by two agencies. Additionally, the District has been able to reduce the tax rate three of the last four years. However, the impact of COVID-19 will be felt locally and statewide. We must work locally to ensure our budget and finances are secure and we must educate state leaders on how inaction will impact student learning. It is my commitment that we will continue to meet the needs of our students while living within our means as a District and be responsible with taxpayer dollars.
Active involvement in the PTA has been a huge part of my time as a parent as RRISD. I have made friendships and worked with other people who like myself are invested in RRISD and care about its success. By becoming involved in PTA or volunteering at school in some way, you are helping your child. Statistics show that students whose parents are involved at school have higher grades and become more involved in volunteering themselves as they grow older. It also helps you learn and understand more that goes on at your school. Getting to know your teachers and staff will help you feel so much more connected to your child’s education, and most of the time your kids secretly like it that you are at school too! As a Board member I will commit to seeking ways to not only engage parents in the conversation about their child’s school district, but also recognize that the best person to help address a particular issue is the classroom teacher and campus principal.
A test filled with tiny little bubbles cannot assess how well your child is learning. Our teachers and principals are the experts in their fields, they see our students everyday and they know what works and what doesn’t. Using standardized tests to gauge any level of learning takes away the fun and creative projects and teaching styles that are so exciting to students. Despite mandates from our nation and state, I hope to be able to help RRISD keep the flexibility that allows our teachers to do their job, teach our students in an engaged and exciting way while keeping our mission and expectations. Recent Board goals have placed an over emphasis on the STAAR test at the expense of other items that truly measure how students and campuses are performing. My commitment is to work with the Board to adopt goals that look at the whole child and not solely how they perform on state exams.
Over the next four years, it is possible that the Board will select a new Superintendent. That is not a criticism of current leadership, but Dr. Flores has shared his desire to complete his current contract which expires in 2023. With that in mind, we must think about that a very important task. I personally think this is the most important decision that a Board can make and is not something that can be taken lightly. We will need to find someone who has the heart to care for our students just like we do. We need to find someone who is firm in their beliefs of helping every child succeed at ALL of our schools. We need someone who cares about our teachers and their needs, about our custodians and bus divers, and someone who wants to be a part of the best school district around with the commitment to keep making it a great place to learn.